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Malcolm Laird
By Malcolm Laird
Jan 5, 2009, 23:43

I guess I should list myself as a contributor. I first went into vac-forms in 1981 as Falcon Industries which was sold to Tore Martin in 1985 ( From then on as Ventura Publications I have produces decals, cottage industry kits and soft cover aviation books.

The kits and home-made injection moulding machine (yes, don't laugh, i built it in my garage) were sold to Jays Models in 2008.

These days my "day job" is as the decal artist with Wingnut Wings. However Ventura still produces new decals and books from time-to-time.

April 2008. The day before dismantling the injection moulding machine to deliver it to the new owners in Christchurch NZ.

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