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Historical : Spitfire Last Updated: Apr 21st, 2015 - 23:52:06

Spitfire PR types, reference book list
By Charles Metz
Jun 17, 2006, 09:52

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Information on PR Spitfire cameras and camera installations can be found in the following books:

Bracken: 'Spitfire: The Canadians, Volume 2' (Stoddart / Boston Mills Press [Canada], 1999; 137 pages) -- Spitfire FR.IX starboard camera port (p. 110); Spitfire PR.XI camera (p. 104); Spitfire FR.XIV camera port (p. 107)

Hooton: 'Spitfire Special' (Ian Allan Special series [unnumbered]; Ian Allan [UK], 1972; 63 pages) -- Spitfire PR.XIX ventral camera ports & underside detail (p. 48)

Humphreys: 'The Supermarine Spitfire Part 1: Merlin-Powered' (Modellers Datafile series, No. 3; SAM Publications [UK], 2000; 184 pages) -- Spitfire PR.IG camera installation (p. 75); Spitfire PR.IW camera installation (p. 75); Spitfire PR.IV camera installations (p. 76, 77); Spitfire PR.XI camera installations (p. 75-78)

Laird and Mackenzie: 'Spitfire -- The ANZACs: The RAF through Colonial Eyes' (Classic Warbirds series, No. 2; Ventura [New Zealand], 1997; 48 pages) -- Spitfire PR.IV camera bay door (p. 3); Spitfire PR.XI camera installations (p. 7)

Morgan and Shacklady: 'Spitfire: The History' (Key Publishing [UK], 1987; 634 pages) -- Spitfire PR.IV camera installations (p. 237, 238); Spitfire PR.XIX camera installation (p. 460)

Moss: 'Supermarine Spitfire' (Ducimus Classic series [unnumbered]; Ducimus [UK], 1970; 72 pages) -- Spitfire PR.XI camera ports (p.66)

Price: 'The Spitfire Story' (Jane's [UK], 1982; 256 pages) -- Spitfire PR.XI undersurface & camera ports (p. 180)

Robertson: 'Spitfire -- The Story of a Famous Fighter' (Harleyford series [unnumbered]; Aero/ Harleyford [USA / UK], 1960; 216 pages) -- Spitfire PR.XI ventral camera ports (p. 90)

Robinson (ed.): 'Spitfire Special' (Quarter Scale Modeller series [unnumbered]; AIRgen [UK], 1997; 61 pages) -- Spitfire PR.XI camera installation (p. 24)

Smallwood: 'Spitfire in Blue' (Osprey [UK], 1996; 158 pages) -- Spitfire PR.XI camera installations (p. 20, 21, 39)

Theiner and Patek: 'Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk. XIX' (MPM [Czech Republic], 1997[?]; in Czech and English; 37 pages) -- Spitfire PR.XIX [Spitfire PR.19] cameras (p. 34), camera port (p. 10)

Price: Spitfire Spyplanes. In 'Wings of Fame, Volume 5' (Aerospace/AIRtime [UK/USA], 1997; 160 pages) -- Spitfire PR.XI ventral cameras (p. 110).

Charles Metz

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