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Dave Homewood, Cambridge, NZ
By Malcolm Laird
Sep 19, 2006, 13:40

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"I used to be a keen modeller but these days I never get the time... despite plans to restart my modelling hobby someday. I have always been interested in aircraft, particularly those from WWII. I served in the Royal New Zealand Air Force from 1989 till 1993, which gave me opportunity to work on both current types and a few warbirds.

These days I am a filmmaker, tutor, student and various other things, but my most passionate interest is recording the stories of the men and women who served inthe RNZAF in World War Two. I have two major projects on the go. One is the history of people from my home town of Cambridge, NZ, who served in the wartime air forces. This is presented as a website and it is from here where the very interesting article about Ron atts comes from. You can see more of Ron's photos and many more stories and memories on the site here:

The second project is a book I am writing on the history of the General Reconnaissance squadrons of the RNZAF in WWII. It will include the prewar Territorial Air Force Blackburn Baffin era too, right through till the end of the war hopefully. This is being written with the support of the General Reconnaissance Association and the assistance of many veterans who're contributing their memories.

I also run an internet forum where you can discuss all manner of RNZAF-related and New Zealand avaition-related matters, from historical to present day. You can find that here:

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