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Czech Master Resin
By Andy White
Dec 15, 2006, 22:41

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Left to right: Petr Buchar, (Yorkie) & Radoslav Kazda
Our company history starts early 1973. The men behind the original resin aircraft models, which came to be known as Czech Master Resin Kits, or CMK, were a group of aviation hobbyists and enthusiasts in and around Prague. Some of them had worked for Kovozavody Prostejov (KP or KoPro), the major kit manufacturing company in Czechoslovakia at that time. Experimenting with methods of copying their original models, they adapted and refined the technology of casting resin into silicon rubber moulds.

As both RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) silicon rubber and polyurethane resin cure, like epoxy, from a chemical reaction between a base and a catalyst, large amounts of heat and pressure are not required to produce a model - unlike traditional injection moulding. This meant that one or more people could produce small quantities of models with a minimal investment in equipment and space.

After 1990, the original CMK group split in two: the 'CMK' logo went to a new, "professional" company. The source operation however became CMR, denoting Czech Master Resin - both companies continue to produce kits.

We have more than 30 years experience in resin model production.

We are only a small team consisted of aviation fans, producing these models more for pleasure than for income. We do our best to prepare our CMR models to a high quality, hoping modellers will appreciate our effort by purchasing our products, thereby enabling us to continue to expand our range.

Some of our CMR models have received Awards at the Nurnberg Model Fair in 2004, 2005, & 2006.

We are very fortunate to have good friends around the world who are willing to help us with in-depth research during the preparation of each of our resin models, by obtaining historical documentation and photographs of the aircraft we are aiming to reproduce. This international co-operation has been invaluable to us and as such, we would like to thank everyone who has helped us with our CMR model construction.

A few years ago, we realised that there was only so much information that could be given to the model maker via assembly instruction sheets, so CMR Models decided to look at supplying an additional "In Detail" supplement with some of our newer models. This basically allowed us to include actual photographs of the aircraft concerned and, where possible, close-ups of airframe detail - even cockpit interiors if we were lucky.

Progressively, each one of our earlier models is being upgraded - including the addition of new decal sheets. Recently we began to add additional detail to our newer models by means of 'Photo-Etch' sets supplied by © Eduard, also from the Czech Republic.

We have just released our first ‘Online Catalogue’ at: that will eventually include full product details for each of our models.

CMR Models' main Distributors are: Hannants Ltd. in the U.K., and MMD-Squadron in the U.S.A.

Contact Address: Radoslav Kazda, CMR Models, Maroldova 1321, 250 82 Uvaly, Czech Republic

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E-mail address:

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