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Classic Warbirds No.7
By Malcolm Laird
Sep 5, 2006, 16:13

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Japanese surrender schemes

Classic Warbirds No.7 includes a chapter on Japanese surrender colour schemes. Three extra photos from the collection of David O. Garcia are below.

Mitsubishi Betty. Photo David O. Garcia collection

Mitsubishi Betty. Photo David O. Garcia collection

Mitsubishi Betty. Photo David O. Garcia collection

Squadron Leader Jeff West

When I interviewed the late Squadron Leader Jeff West he was certain that the frequently published photo showing him on the cowling of one of Bader's Spitfires was on MkVa W3185, and it had the above nose art.
The first chapter in this Classic Warbirds is based on an interview with the late Squadron Leader Jeff West, who was Baderís Number 2 the day he was shot down. He fills in some new details of Baderís shooting-down and brings new insight into the markings of his Spitfire Mk Va. Jeff Westís career, defending Malta and developing high-altitude Spitfires in Egypt, is also touched on.

Wing Commander Warren Schraderís first combat tour in the Mediterranean is covered and alongside are many South African pictures from the SAAF Spitfire squadrons who shared airfields with Schraderís unit.

One of our priorities is to publish pictures in large format in order to make them most useful to enthusiasts and modellers alike. Certainly some of the images in the American Spitfire gallery benefit from this treatment, along with those describing Japanese surrender schemes, Australian B-24 Liberators and Boomerangs.

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