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Clarence Wentzel. IPMS USA No.11478 (initially 1096)
By Clarence Wentzel. IPMS USA
Jul 3, 2006, 16:23

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Clarence Wentzel
I am a real supporter of the IPMS Make n' Take program. This is not necessarily a means of generating more members for the organization but is really intended to give kids a model building experience. In some cases this will result in a modeler right away, in other cases it make take years to get back to modeling while for some, this is a one time experience. In all cases, we have found a lot of satisfaction working with these kids. It is great to see their smiles when they show their creations. Click on the title above to see some photos taken at the 2002 Kalamazoo Air Zoo contest.

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Clarence Wentzel. IPMS USA No.11478 (initially 1096)
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